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Australasian Interim Executive Association

The Australasian Interim Executive Association (AIEA) is a leading professional organisation for interim executives that are recognised for their practical, hands-on skills and a broad understanding of the total business environment.

The original AIEA founders were a group of senior executives who had significant experience in the provision of services as interim managers. One of the first actions was to clearly define what is meant by the term ‘Interim Manager’. The definition chosen is:

'A highly skilled, seasoned manager who is available for assignments of any duration, to either lend specialised expertise to a strategic project or to fill a mission-critical skills gap.'



Do Executives have a Future after Retrenchment?


Retrenchments are becoming increasingly common these days. The big ones make the six o’clock news –where large businesses, and even whole industries, shut the doors. But most retrenchments are small, quiet affairs.

For the retrenchee, it can be devastating and very personal.

Helping More Senior Managers Find Work


With the introduction and growth of the AIEA-Jobs board, there has been a surge of interest from executives whose primary motivation is to find paid assignments, interim or permanent.

To cater for these people, AIEA has introduced the Affiliate (AAIEA) Membership and made if a three-month plan at a lower price point that the Full Member (MAIEA) plan.

Cost Free Executive Recruitment


In days gone by, one of the ways to quickly build a million-dollar company was to set up a recruitment agency, especially one that specialised in Executive Search. We can all name some of these self-made tycoons.

But times are changing. The Internet Age brought is Seek, then LinkedIn, then Jobs Boards. Now a new phenomenon is emerging – business institutes and associations have realised that they need to assist their members to find meaningful assignments, paid or pro-bono.