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  • 21 Feb 2020 10:35 AM | Peter Diezmann (Administrator)

    The following post draws on information and data published in the 2019 survey results of the UK based Institute of Interim Managers - website

    On the IIM website there is access to their annual survey outcomes with 2,256 interim managers providing input into the 2019 survey. Considerable information is available in the published survey results, but this blog focuses on how the respondent interim managers find assignments or projects.

    The survey member responses deliver a strong message that most assignments come from interim service providers or contacts you already know. Interim service providers being an intermediary agency that will help to place interim managers on assignment with a client organisation. It’s all about building and maintaining those relationships. To quote the survey report “Build those bridges and relationships with service provider consultants as you are 10 x more likely to be approached by a consultant than be plucked from the CV database." 

    In a related section of the survey, IIM members responses reveal that 80% of interim managers will use interim service providers at least some of the time, with the majority, 54%, most of the time.

    The survey responses go on to state that "Being ‘easy to find’ is much more important than being good at ‘applying’ to vacancies. If you are not on an appropriate provider’s database, you cannot be selected from it. You can’t see a vacancy that is not advertised." 

    Only 11% of those surveyed sourced assignments via Linkedin.

    The survey commentary suggests that an appropriate strategy is to build effective relationships with a core number of interim service providers that operate in your preferred industry sector and functional activity rather than sending your CV indiscriminately to a long list of interim service providers.

    The survey suggests that you should do your research. Depending on your sector and function, being in touch with more than a dozen providers diminishes your effectiveness; the average number of active relationships among 2019 survey respondents is 6 providers. Initially you may be in contact with many more, but the survey commentary advises to ultimately refine contact to a number that you can comfortably maintain a meaningful relationship with.

    So, if there is a strong message for AIEA members out of the IIM 2019-member survey results it is about building relationships with preferred interim service providers and known contacts in order to best leverage future opportunities from those relationships.

  • 24 Jan 2020 3:00 PM | Mal Walker (Administrator)

    More businesses are taking advantage of outsourcing to bring in skills and experience “on demand”. Our individual members are broadly experienced, senior management level executives who are able and willing to fill short term, implementation, project and board level roles. The majority of members will accept longer term opportunities.

    AIEA welcomes organisations with complementary interests to join as Business Members. Suitable organisations would be:

    • Academic bodies, such as Universities, that wish to develop relationships with business institutes such as AIEA.
    • Recruitment and employment companies that specialise in the placement of senior executives into interim roles.
    • Business, Charities and NFP organisations that regularly utilise the services of Interim Executives

    Benefits of Business Membership

    The opportunity to regularly communicate with professionals who are genuinely qualified to take on challenging roles, and who have made their availability known, is quite rare. The limitations of relying on personal networks are the same for both Executives and the Corporates who wish to engage them.

    AIEA is the Congregation Point for anyone with a professional interest in Interim Management. AIEA is the answer for both our Members and the businesses who want to know them!

    AIEA welcomes Business Members to join us in order to offer roles to our members and also to provide them with executive services offers.

    A Business Member benefits in these ways:

    1. Recognition as a Business Member
    2. Ability to contact AIEA members via the Smartphone App.
    3. Use of the AIEA Corporate Affiliate logo on correspondence, blogs and websites
    4. Access to premium member-only content
    5. Invitations to AIEA hosted professional development and networking events at member rates
    6. Opportunity to invite AIEA Members to your own hosted functions
    7. Sponsorship of AIEA hosted events
    8. Build a Prequalified Consultant or Mentor pool talent pool
    9. Ability to offer a special promotion to members via the AIEA Events Page and eNews
    10. Unlimited AIEA-Jobs postings where you can place your job vacancies directly in front of the AIEA members
    11. Unlimited option to promote additional opportunities to the AIEA members

    Three Business Memberships are available:

    Business Member (Annual)

    Membership as a Business Affiliate provides the full benefits of AIEA Business  Membership for an agreed period. It is for registered charities as well as institutes and associations that share the goals and aspirations of AIEA.

    Business Member (Quarterly)

    Membership as a Business Member provides the full benefits of AIEA Business Membership for three months.

    Corporate Business Member (Annual)

    The Corporate Business Member bundle is for large organisation and Executive Search firms that require business membership for multiple employees.  For the one annual fee, it allows an unlimited number of Business Member logins. Please contact your AIEA representative for further details.

    For pricing of these Business Member Categories, please see the Join Us page.


  • 26 Sep 2019 9:02 PM | Mal Walker (Administrator)

    Some of the AIEA members have a military background, and we think this provides a great foundation for their careers as interim mangers.

    Ex-ADF personnel offer unique capabilities as strategic resources to business in manufacturing, resources and commerce. Over the course of their military service, no expense has been spared to give them the excellent training and education that they now possess.

    What are the qualities of the ‘Military Veteran’?

    •        Veterans come from a culture built for mission accomplishment in mind.
    •        Veterans have ingrained leadership talents
    •        Veterans take their responsibilities seriously. Veterans have passed through trials that most people haven’t, ensuring that they are responsible individuals who can successfully carry out their duties.
    •        Intuition is a skill, and the military teaches it. What many people think is that leaders are born. Not in the ADF. Military personnel have been trained to absorb as much information as possible from a variety of sources — to always intuit the best choice available to them.
    •        Military people will openly tell you when something is wrong. They have a questioning and honest mentality and will not be afraid of telling bosses when an idea could use a second look.
    •        Military people will get the job done. They know what it means to have something that needs to be done. They have a sense of urgency and have seen the world through a big picture type mentality.
    •        When given the necessary support, veterans are extremely capable. When given a proper framework and adequate training they can amaze you at how hard they can work and what they can get done.
    •        Veterans are independent. Veterans are more likely than other demographic groups to start their own businesses and possess a resourcefulness can help companies grow quickly from the inside.
    •        Military personnel know the meaning of hard work. When on deployment they work every day. Every single day. There are no holidays, no weekends, no birthdays. It is the same thing every day.

    It has been your taxpayer dollars that was expended in the making of these people, so now is the time to recoup some of that investment to benefit your business. Think of it as an injection of:

    •        Teamwork
    •        Critical thinking
    •        Problem-solving
    •        Work ethic
    •       Integrity
    •        Multicultural awareness
    •        Adaptability
    •        Interpersonal communications
    •        Willingness to learn
    •        Leadership
    •        Working under pressure
    •        Politeness/courtesy
    •        Respect for procedures/accountability
    •        Willingness/ability to learn new skills and concepts

    We don’t have a separate category of membership for our Veterans; they are treated and respected the same as the other members. To find you next superman or wonder-woman, veteran or not, just post a link to your vacancy on AIEA-Jobs.

  • 27 Jun 2019 3:28 AM | Mal Walker (Administrator)

    Hi there,

    I’m Mal Walker and I’m so glad you’ve found AIEA.

    All I’ve ever wanted to do is to help worthy people succeed in this competitive business world. Like just about all effective sporting coaches, I love to work with people who are potentially far better players than I ever was or could be.

    I had a 20-year sales and management career in Information Technology with ComputerVision, Sun Microsystems and Silicon Graphics, amongst others. My last role as an employee was VP-APAC at Mincom Limited, now part of the ABB Group.

    In semi-retirement, I founded GreyHair Alchemy (in 2002) as a platform to help well-experienced executives and managers to find meaningful work as interim managers. Even back then in the early 2000’s, the age bias was rife and so the name GreyHair was a deliberate choice. I eventually closed GreyHair in 2019 to devote myself fully to AIEA.

    In 2013 I formed the Australasian Interim Executive Association. As you will see on these pages, AIEA is an institute, a guild, a fellowship, a business association, a talent pool of executive and managerial expertise. Similar to AICD, CPA and other organisations, AIEA provides networking, training and support services to its members. But AIEA is not academic. It is intensely business focussed. It is here to help these experienced managers find more work AND help business owners and HR Managers slash the cost of hiring them.

    All I really want to do is to help ‘Freelancers’ get the recognition they deserve. Actually, you could say that I’m a freelance junkie. I’m consumed by them and their future.

    In fact, the only thing I love just about as much as I love telling the AIEA story is helping other people learn to tell theirs.

    That’s why I developed AIEA. And that’s why I’m writing this blog.

    If ‘be my own boss’ is on your bucket list – or if, like me, it’s the only thing you’ve ever really wanted to do–you’ve come to the right place.

    Why AIEA?

    When I was deciding what to call us, I knew I wanted a name that matched the excitement I feel just thinking about what we’re building here.

    I wanted something that would identify each of us as a freelance warrior, a business revolutionary.

    Because I believe, down to my soul, that the freelancer matters. We are important. We can change the world.

    A person with business experience and the opportunity to deploy it is a force in the world.

    So, we’re AIEA. We’re willing to put the work into being incredible at what we do. We know that the difference between success and failure is staying with the hard stuff and figuring it out. We know we are stronger together.

    I truly hope that you decide to join us.

  • 29 Oct 2018 1:06 PM | Deleted user

    With the introduction and growth of the AIEA-Jobs board, there has been a surge of interest from executives whose primary motivation is to find paid assignments, interim or permanent.

    To cater for these people, AIEA has introduced the monthly (MAIEA) Membership. The new monthly membership automatically renews for as long as the member wishes but may be cancelled at any time.

    It is particularly attractive to those who wish to see if being part of AIEA can assist them in their job search. The MAIEA will have access to all vacancy postings from AIEA-Jobs and from the Corporate Affiliate members.

    It is strongly emphasised that AIEA is not a recruitment agency and AIEA-Jobs is offered as a free facility to flag identified job opportunities to the members. Job seekers are encouraged to utilise recruitment agencies, executive search companies and public jobs boards such as in their quest for employment.

    Monthly Membership is available to individuals who desire to be part of the Association for networking and personal development purposes and this is the primary benefit that a membership may bring.

    Members will receive the MAIEA Post-Nominal and the discounted member rates for all events, training courses and material. Members may upgrade to annual membership at any time by application and payment of the fee.

  • 13 Feb 2018 2:53 PM | Mal Walker (Administrator)

    Interim executives and managers can be lifesaving for organisations. Executives are a crucial component of any organisation, and so filling an open role quickly is a priority.

    As such, employing an executive on a short-term basis while a more thorough search is carried out can be useful for businesses in a pinch. However, the usefulness drops if the search for an interim executive drags on, or becomes expensive.

    The Australasian Interim Executive Association (AIEA) seeks to solve this, by streamlining the process and reducing costs.

    “Times are tough for businesses and companies needing experienced people but can’t afford to have them on their payroll,” Mal Walker, founder and Chairman of AIEA, said. “There’s a rapidly growing sub-sector of senior professionals who are available to work on a short or long-term basis”.

    Self-described as a ‘match-making service with a twist’, AIEA-Jobs is a free jobs board where an employer or recruiter can place their vacancy, knowing that the AIEA membership is a pre-vetted group of experienced, certified executives, all willing to take on a short-term, part-time or contract role.

    Paul Kennedy, the owner of PGV Consulting and an interim executive himself, has endorsed the association and its products. “It’s a different way of doing things and provides interim managers with a new avenue to do business and seek new opportunities,” he said. “We are often on our own as we move from one job to another, so it’s important to be a part of wider group where we can network and be represented by a professional organisation.” 

    AIEA-Jobs competes with broader services such as LinkedIn. Both are free to use; with AIEA-Jobs you post your requirement and invite expressions of interest. With LinkedIn, the search is more random and relies on the finding ‘key words and phrases’ in displayed profiles.

    While LinkedIn does not charge for the viewing or obtaining of contact details from potential candidates, it does charge for more advanced search options, including years of experience, function and seniority. As such, AIEA may prove beneficial to those searching within a single, niche space.

    Regardless of the jobs board, many interim executives and managers become a part of AIEA as it provides personal development courses and networking events to benefit the ‘Freelance Executive’ community. It's a place for like to mingle with like. 

  • 26 Dec 2017 3:03 PM | Mal Walker (Administrator)

    Venture Capitalists and Business Angels have a continuing need for highly experienced and flexible senior executives who can step into one of their portfolio companies and provide the hands-on management needed, for as long as it is needed.

    A particular breed of executive fills this role, the Interim Executive. They go by many names – Locum Executive, Freelance Executive, Consulting Manager, Change Manager, Gap Manager, Interim Manager, Interim CEO, Contract Executive, Temp-Exec, even Honcho-for-Hire.

    Whatever the label, they have particular aspects in common:

    • They are highly experienced, well-educated mature business people and can point to a track record of success.
    • Generally, they are in the Baby Boomer generation. It’s not solely a function of age but it does take a while to amass that depth of skills and experience.
    • They have reached a stage in their career where they are attracted to a portfolio career, as opposed to a more traditional corporate career within the one organisation.
    • They will accept roles of varying structure. This may be three days a week or a full-time role for a defined period. This ‘contract’ period usually ranges from three months to two years.

    GreyHair Alchemy has access to the legion of AIEA members covering all executive and managerial roles. They are not retirees looking for pocket money but dedicated, energetic executives. The age range of the members we have placed is:

           Under 40        11%

           40 to 50          21%

           50 to 60          46%

         Over 60          22%

    GreyHair is similar to a recruitment agency in many ways, but the differences can be startling:

    • A recruitment agency deals with the placement of personnel in an organisation – so does GreyHair.
    • A recruitment agency can offer extensive (and expensive) additional services such as skills testing, psychometric appraisals and the like – GreyHair does not; sticking to the core business of introducing executives to organisations that need them. Quickly.
    • A recruitment agency deals with all levels of personnel – GreyHair focuses on the executive and managerial levels to provide contract, temporary and permanent placements.
    • A recruitment agency goes to the marketplace and searches for someone to fit a company’s requirements – GreyHair already has the people within the ranks of the AIEA members.
    • A recruitment agency can take weeks or months to find the right person, particularly for higher level positions – GreyHair usually has a shortlist ready for presentation within three days.
    • A recruitment agency charges a percentage of the total salary and benefits package and often additional costs for advertising, etc. – GreyHair charges a fixed fee with absolutely no additional costs. The GreyHair fee is usually between a half and a sixth of the agency fee for a comparable executive search.

    GreyHair’s core business is placing appropriately qualified experts in Interim, FIFO or Contract positions. However, about 40% of the placements are (or end up as) permanent positions. GreyHair does not charge an extra fee for these placements. More information at:

  • 1 Nov 2017 3:06 PM | Mal Walker (Administrator)

    The Australasian Interim Executive Association is a member of AuSAE and provides free Executive Search facilities to Australian Charities and Not-for-Profit organisations.

     AIEA has the dynamic AIEA-Jobs board that connects members with organisations that need their skills. It is a free service for employers and, of course, for the hundreds of senior executives who are certified AIEA members.

     AIEA-Jobs has some simple guidelines for employers:

    ·       The focus is on paid work and there is a separate board for pro-bono or volunteer roles

    ·       They must be Managerial, CxO or NED positions

    ·       The identity of the employer must be disclosed

    ·       Interim, part-time and short-term contracts are welcomed

    ·       Over half of the members say they will accept a suitable permanent role

    ·       AIEA does not charge a fee for the introduction service and does not intrude into the candidate selection process

     What is really powerful about this approach is that nothing is put between the job advertiser and the potential candidate. Results can be very quickly achieved. This is very important when an employer needs to swiftly find an executive (say a CFO) to fill a gap caused by a resignation.

     Other business institutes are reportedly moving in this direction. CPA Australia has a similar facility but it is limited to pro-bono accounting assignments only. MEGT does a similar thing to connect apprentices to jobs.

     Go to for more details.

  • 26 Jul 2017 1:07 PM | Deleted user

    In days gone by, one of the ways to quickly build a million-dollar company was to set up a recruitment agency, especially one that specialised in Executive Search. We can all name some of these self-made tycoons.

    But times are changing. The Internet Age brought is Seek, then LinkedIn, then Jobs Boards. Now a new phenomenon is emerging – business institutes and associations have realised that they need to assist their members to find meaningful assignments, paid or pro-bono.

    An example of this service provider is the Australasian Interim Executive Association where the dynamic AIEA-Jobs facility connects their members with organisations that need their skills. Whilst it is a free service to both members and employers, AIEA has some simple guidelines to give it value:
    • All advertised roles must be paid – no pro-bono or volunteer work
    • They must be Managerial, CxO or NED positions
    • Recruiters are welcome to contribute their roles but the employer must be disclosed
    • Interim, part-time and short-term contacts are welcomed
    • Permanent roles are included as 58% of the membership say they will accept an attractive permanent role
    • AIEA does not charge a fee for the introduction service and does not intrude into the candidate selection process

    What is really powerful about this approach is that nothing is put between the job advertiser and the potential candidate. Results can be very quickly achieved.

    This is very important when an employer needs to swiftly find an interim executive (say a CFO) to fill a gap caused by a resignation.

    Other business institutes are reportedly moving in this direction. CPA Australia has a similar facility but is limited to pro-bono assignments only. MEGT does a similar thing to connect apprentices to jobs.

    Go to for more details.

  • 11 May 2017 1:01 PM | Deleted user

    What a question! As the Chairman of AIEA, I know hundreds of Interim Executives but the question threw me. How would you answer if you were asked “Who was a typical student in your graduating class?” or “What is your typical family member like?”

    It made me start thinking about the individual members of the group in question and realise how diverse a group it is.

    When I do a presentation, I often start off by asking this rhetorical question “What’s the difference between a 25-year-old candidate with a business degree and a 50-year-old candidate with a business degree?” Of course, the answer is 25 years of practical business experience.

    AIEA members are categorised into four levels according to predetermined criteria.

    • AAIEA: the Associate is the entry level, showing a willingness to work as an interim but may not be dedicated to the path. Many retrenches take this quarterly option.
    • MAIEA: the Member is the annual subscription and it is from here that one can apply for higher recognition
    • CAIEA: the Certified Professional
    • FAIEA: the Fellow displays the highest level of expertise and experience

    The last two levels are regarded as the premium members and are proudly listed on the Membership Honour Board.

    Maybe the question should have been “Why does a person join AIEA?” Different aspects of AIEA will appeal to different people.

    • Recognition: Each level of AIEA membership has its own post-nominal and these are proudly displayed on their business cards and LinkedIn profile.
    • Networking: An Interim Manager is usually self-employed and works from home or a small office. They enjoy meeting their fellow members and gaining the mutual support that comes from one’s peers.
    • Lead Generation: It is common for members to swap leads and opportunities. Everyone knows of an assignment that doesn’t suit them but will suit a colleague.
    • Professional Development: AIEA offers various forms of CPD, including the Guest Speaker at the monthly networking events but, in reality, the best form of CPD is interaction and learning from your peers.
    • Jobs Board: The big difference between AIEA-Jobs and other jobs boards is that the employers and recruiters who advertise there are actually looking for the expertise that only years of experience can bring. It is a free service to members and to advertisers.

    If one of these motivations resonates with you, there are two membership options open to you –

    • Associate: Here you gain access to all the benefits we have discussed and it is a lower cost entry-level for a three month membership
    • Member: The annual membership works out cheaper overall and allows an upgrade path to CAIEA and FAIEA. The premium members do not pay any more for the privilege.

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