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AIEA hosts frequent Networking and Educational events each year and Corporate Affiliates also provide Networking and Professional Development events as approved by AIEA management.   The AIEA membership is a rich, deep pool of talent and most of our guest speakers come from this talent pool.

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    • 12 Dec 2019
    • 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM
    • Vintaged Bar and Grill, Hilton Hotel, Level 6, 190 Elizabeth Street, Brisbane QLD 4000
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    AIEA Maven Lunch

    Mal Walker FAIEA will host an Advisory Group lunch where the future directions of AIEA will be examined and set.

    The attendees of this periodic meeting are senior members (CAIEA and FAIEA) only. The purpose is to examine the workings and offerings of AIEA from a member's perspective and to create policy for the provision of services to the AIEA membership.

    To achieve an effective working environment, the attendance will be limited to the first six bookings.

    A working paper will be circulated to the attendees prior to the lunch.

    Lunch is a la carte from the Festive Flavours Lunch menu.

    The cost of the food and drink is subsidised by AIEA.   https://www.vintagedbarandgrill.com.au/

    • 13 Jan 2020
    • 11:00 AM - 1:30 PM
    • Darling Square Library (CBD) Sydney
    • 79

    The problem is how the future unfolds.

    The solution is guidance from the expert, Julie Dimmick,  in the world of problem-solving solutions and cultures. 

    We all want to have a positive impact with our careers, and so you may set out to discover where your efforts would be most effectiveOur analysis suggests that choosing the right problem could increase your impact over 100 times, and so be the most important decision you ever make.

    This is the one event you need to attend to kick start your year.


    How to create a problem-solving culture 2020

    Do you know what the top 10 problems faced by businesses are?

    If you did, do you know how to solve (any of) them?

    The problem maybe for you is how the future unfolds do you have uncertainty in your business / career?  How does globalization impact you?  Innovation and Continuous Improvement?  Is your problem to be solved on how to become more innovative while still maintaining a sense of control over the organization.

    Technology?  Isn't that for IT?  Yet I need to understand this for my business to survive. Diversity, complexity, information overload, supply chains, strategic thinking, competition and problem-solving are issues you maybe facing... the list goes on...

    The solution is guidance from an expert in the world of problem-solving solutions and cultures, Julie Dimmick

    For businesses, suppliers, customers, stakeholders, employers and employees, this is the one event you need to attend to kick start your year to help remain employable, profitable, current and to set you on the path to creating a problem-solving culture.

    This event is for 'problem-solvers' of all levels.  

    Who is a problem-solver?  EVERYONE!

    Bookings essential!

    • 4 Feb 2020
    • 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
    • Optus Centre, Level 9, 15 Green Square Close, Fortitude Valley 4006

    The Power of Interpersonal Influence 

    Moving your business from being a simple product or service provider to becoming part of a powerful and profitable alliance network is something that does not happen overnight. A high degree of stakeholder and customer intimacy are needed to get there. 

    The best leaders dialogue effectively and influence others. Our power to influence also comes from being around and listening to those who are masters in communicating and empowering others.

    John Hale will share the keys to influence with a series of entertaining stories and powerful examples. Discover how to build rapport quickly, master non-verbal communication cues, and maximise your results using the art of questions.

    About John Hale FAIEA

    John speaks at conferences, runs a strategy practice and mentors leaders. In his talks, he shares the secrets to future-proofing your business and your people. John is the founder of Hale Consulting Group, a globally focused management consulting firm specialising in strategy, people and change. John has also worked as an early stage investor and advisor. He has been a Visiting and Adjunct Professor and has taught at various institutions, including Singapore Management University, Bond University and Melbourne Business School.

    Please join us for coffee and this thought-provoking presentation. You'll be glad you did.

We are really looking forward to seeing you there, but if feeling pressed for time, here are some reminders why it is great to come anyway…

  1. Time-out to work on your business instead of in it, because you and your business are worth it
  2. Networking brings in far more opportunities with many clever minds in the room
  3. AIEA can think of nothing more important than helping you succeed, connecting you with the right people and programs, and growing your business
  4. It’s a whole lot easier to learn from other’s triumphs and mistakes than living through endless mistakes of your own
  5. Our speakers always provide more value than the topic of the day
  6. The topic of the day is always valuable
  7. These events invigorate rather than drain you
  8. Knowing you are not the only one out there gives you the encouragement to keep going and getting better!

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