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Mal's Strategic Plan

from carpe diem to memento mori

In July 2019, I took stock of my plans and realised I was running out of time. I promised my wife that I would be retired by the time I turn 75 in December 2021.

So, here's the plan -

    • Cease to attend all evening and weekend meetings and events.
    • Minimise breakfast meetings and events.
    • Concentrate solely on AIEA and eliminate any activity that doesn't add to the growth of AIEA.
    • Wind up GreyHair Alchemy Pty Ltd.
    • Devise a methodology whereby I avoid unnecessary coffee catch-ups, except with AIEA Members and business partners.
    • Have Regional Directors in place to operate AIEA in as many regions as possible by the end of 2019.
    • Complete the Regional Director placements by mid-2020.
    • Appoint Regional Directors in Brisbane (to replace me) in 2020.
    • Identify someone to head AIEA by the end of 2020.
    • Sell my interest in AIEA by 2024.

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