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AIEA offers two types of membership, individual and business. First, get your free user name and password

Individual Members (MAIEA, CAIEA and FAIEA) may select an annual plan or opt for a monthly automatic plan.

Business Members (BAIEA) may select an annual plan of a quarterly automatic plan.

Most business institutes charge a premium price for their premium memberships. With AIEA, individual memberships are priced according to experience and expertise, providing discounted memberships to the premium annual memberships (CAIEA and FAIEA).

Please note: Visitors can register as an 'AIEA WebFriend'.

  • This allows you access to Private Content but not Member Content.
  • It also gets you on the mail list for Newsletters and invitations to special events.
  • The AIEA WebFriend log-in is required by those visitors wishing to register to attend an Event.
  • This WebFriend type is a prerequisite to registering in one of the member categories above.

Full Member (MAIEA)

The Full Member category is the main category of the Association. Once Members join AIEA, they become eligible to upgrade to Certified Professional or Fellow.

The criteria for MAIEA are that the Applicant:

  • Can display expertise in one or more of the AIEA accredited positions (CEO, FC, BDM, etc.)
  • Is prepared to accept interim assignments
  • Can maintain the requisite annual 25 CPD points (Continuing Professional Development)

Certified Professional Member (CAIEA)

In addition to the requisites of Full Membership, a Certified Professional has had five years of continuous experience:

  • as an interim manager OR
  • as a business owner with a turnover in excess of $1 million, OR
  • in a CxO role OR
  • as a Non-Executive Director

Fellow (FAIEA)

In addition to the MAIEA requirements, the criteria for Fellow of AIEA is:

  • Fifteen years’ experience as an Interim Executive OR
  • in a CxO functional leadership role OR
  • Fifteen years in senior leadership positions as per the following:

A. Can demonstrate leadership in strategic and budgetary responsibilities within demanding organizational contexts and

B. Completion of an AIEA accredited or relevant postgraduate qualification or equivalent knowledge, skills and experience and/or

C. Has a made a significant contribution to the business community, as judged by the Membership Committee. This can include, but is not limited to:

A) Interim Executive related activities such as presenting, lecturing or tutoring at conferences & universities

B) Involvement with groups external to your workplace in which your Interim Executive expertise is utilised (e.g., business, social or sporting),  

C) Volunteering with AIEA,  

D) Writing and contributing to management publications.

Fellowship is awarded to a Member by invitation of the Membership Committee.

Business Membership

Business Member (BAIEA)

More and more businesses are taking advantage of outsourcing to bring in skills and experience “on demand”. Our individual members are broadly experienced, senior management level executives who are able and willing to fill short term, implementation, project and board level roles. The majority of members will accept longer term opportunities.

AIEA welcomes organisations with complementary interests to join as Business Members. Suitable organisations would be:

  • Professional bodies that attract the demography inhabited by AIEA members. These would be centred on a common expertise (accounting, engineering, export, etc.)
  • Government and non-government bodies that regulate the professional standards of executive managers.
  • Academic bodies, such as Universities, that wish to develop relationships with business institutes such as AIEA.
  • Recruitment and employment companies that specialise in the placement of senior executives into interim roles.
  • Business and NFP Organisations that regularly utilise the services of Interim Executives

Benefits of Business Membership

The opportunity to regularly communicate with a group or professionals who are both genuinely qualified to take on challenging roles and who have made their availability known is quite rare. The limitations of relying on personal networks are the same for both Executives and the Corporates who wish to engage them.

AIEA is the answer for both our Members and the business who want to know them!

AIEA welcomes Business Members to join us in order to offer roles to our members and also to provide them with executive services offers.

By joining AIEA as a Business Member you benefit in these ways:

  1. Recognition as a Business Member
  2. Use of the AIEA Corporate Affiliate logo on correspondence, blogs and websites
  3. Access to premium member-only content
  4. Invitations to AIEA hosted professional development and networking events at member rates
  5. Opportunity to invite AIEA Members to your own hosted functions
  6. Sponsorship of AIEA hosted events
  7. Build a prequalified Consultant  or Mentor pool of talent
  8. Ability to offer a special promotion to members via the AIEA Events Page and eNews
  9. Unlimited AIEA-Jobs postings
  10. Unlimited option to promote additional opportunities to the AIEA member

 Three Business Memberships are available:

Business Member (Annual)

Business Membership provides the full benefits of AIEA Business  Membership for a twelve month period. It is for specialised Executive Search firms, registered charities and associations that see the need to connect with professional Interim Managers.

Business Member (Quarterly)

Membership as a Business Member provides the full benefits of AIEA Business Membership for three months.

Corporate Business Member

The Corporate Business Member bundle is for large organisation and Executive Search firms that require business membership for multiple employees.  For the one annual fee, it allows an unlimited number of Business Member logins. Please contact your AIEA representative for further details.

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