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The AIEA Online Store

The Store is located under the RESOURCES tab on the main menu bar

How to advertise on the Store page

Only AIEA administrators can perform all store functions. The vendor (you) will provide the details to to be displayed on the Store page. The primary information to be provided includes:

  • Product name
  • Product image (up to six)
  • Price
  • Member price
  • Description

What can you do with the store?

The AIEA store currently includes the following functionality:

  • Add multiple product catalogue pages, and filter each using product tags
  • Display a shopping cart icon on every site page
  • Add products to your product catalogue, with multiple images for each product
  • Offer multiple variations (e.g. sizes or colours) for each product
  • Set prices, including special member prices
  • Set stock limits
  • Specify delivery options and shipping charges
  • Automatically apply taxes to an order (and optionally, the shipping charges)
  • Send automatic email notifications
  • Customize automatic store emails
  • View and process orders
  • Cancel an existing order (administrator only)

What happens when an order is placed?

  • Full details of the order, the purchaser and the delivery address will be provided to you. It is the responsibility of the seller (you) to fulfil the order.
  • AIEA will remit 90% of the revenue to you via PayPal. The remaining 10% will be retained to cover the overheads, the primary one being the PayPal fees.

Adding products to your product catalogue

  • control access to the product
  • provide a product name and description
  • add images
  • specify both regular and member pricing
  • add product variants (e.g. sizes, colours).

Product name

The name of the product to be displayed below the cover image on the public product catalogue.

Regular price

The price for visitors to your site who are not logged as members.

Member price

The price for logged in members who have a membership status of Active.


Used to organize products into categories. You can filter your product catalogue by tags to display only certain kinds of products.


You can add up to 6 images for your product. The images must be in PNG, JPG, or GIF format, and up to 2 Mb in size. The image in the first slot will be used as the cover photo in your product catalogue.


You can enter a description that appears on the product details page within your product catalogue.


You can add up to 3 product options – like different sizes or colours – to create multiple product variants (like Small, Red or Medium, Blue).

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