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Extended DISC Behavioural Analysis

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Everyone has the ability to be flexible, and indeed, change their behaviours. Knowing which behaviours to change and when to change them reduces stress and improves performance of managers and their staff. There are many assessment tools available to identify a person’s behavioural style. AIEA recommends the world-renowned and validated Extended DISC Behavioural Style model as the Ipsative assessment is shown to identify both a person’s ‘natural’ AND ‘learned’ behavioural style - something many profiling tools fail to do. Completing a 10-minute questionnaire online (available in over 60 languages) produces an assessment that is available to view or print within minutes. Reports can identify 160 different behavioural styles. Some of the many benefits that come from the assessment are: For the individual • Understanding which roles they are better suited for. • Improved performance at employment interviews. • Learning why certain situations take more energy from them. • Better work, personal and social relationships For a manager / business owner: • Understanding the motivators / demotivators / strengths and weaknesses of their team members. • Identifying competencies that individuals may require training in. • Ensuring that they have enough behavioural diversity in their teams to produce consistent effective results. • Making better hiring decisions

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