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AIEA Inclusion and Diversity Policy

AIEA  is  committed  to  providing  a  diverse  and  inclusive association  that  high performing people choose join and network and to work.  

AIEA is a member-based association; the better its people, the better its performance and reputation.

A high performing, diverse and inclusive  membership and workplace  will  increase  AIEA’s  ability  to  attract,  recruit  and  retain  the  best  talent  from  the available pool of talent and experience, while increasing creativity and innovation from leveraging different thought styles and experience.                 

A diverse member environment embraces the ways in which people differ including visible differences such as gender, age, ethnicity and cultural.

 An inclusive working environment values differences so that diversity of thought, ideas, styles and perspectives are leveraged to create true business value. The AIEA Leadership Team and the AIEA Board support a diverse and inclusive membership and workplace and  believe  this  will  build  a  culture  where  diversity  of  thought  is  a  competitive  advantage,  people  and  their  ideas  are  respected,  innovation  is  fostered,  and  superior  results  are  delivered  for  members, employees and associates.


AIEA strives to follow the same set of overarching principals for the AIEA members and the AIEA staff.

The AIEA  commitment  to  diversity  and  inclusion  extends  to  all  areas  of  the  association  including member attraction and retention,  recruitment,  talent  and  succession  management,  leadership  development , employee  retention, mentoring and coaching.

Selection for employment, promotion and training or any other benefit is on the basis of aptitude, merit and ability.

Selection and Recruitment Policy: Getting the right people for the right job with the right skills is the key to AIEA building its leadership and technical capability and desired culture. 

AIEA is committed to eliminating all forms of unlawful discrimination, bullying, harassment and victimisation in the workplace.

Code of Conduct: The  Code  establishes  a  standard  of  ethical  and  honest  conduct  with  which  members and employees are expected to comply.

Flexible Work and Working from Home Policy: AIEA is committed to offering employees the opportunity to balance their work and home life. 

See also the AIEA Code of Conduct