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AIEA-JOBS, a free Jobs Board

Find an Interim Manager, for free

AIEA offers AIEA-Jobs to benefit both Employers and AIEA members. Here is the AIEA-Jobs Jobs Board Brochure.

The purpose of AIEA-Jobs is to assist employers to hire suitable AIEA members to perform paid tasks or assignments, ranging from a short-term consultancy to a long-term hands-on assignment, or permanent employment. 

The candidates on AIEA-Jobs are exclusively AIEA members and posting a vacancy on the Job Board is available at no cost to business managers and recruiters who have a suitable role to fill.

How to Place a FREE Ad  on the AIEA Jobs Board

No recruitment fee to pay. The vacancies come from multiple sources:

  • Registered Charities
  • Affiliated Institutes, Associations and Clubs
  • Full Members (MAIEA, CAIEA, FAIEA) when recruiting on behalf of a client
  • AIEA Corporate Affiliates
  • AIEA staff and members who search for currently advertised roles that would be suitable for the AIEA membership
  • We also provide it as a free resource to Employers and Recruiters who wish to evaluate AIEA-Jobs and consider becoming a Corporate member

AIEA members are ready to be deployed on any interim basis. What is an interim role? It can be – 

  • Part time (say three or four days a week)
  • Short term day rate (say two weeks to two months)
  • Medium term contract (say three to nine months) - ideal to cover for maternity leave
  • Long term contract (say one to three years)

In addition, 58% of the members are prepared to adopt a permanent role that’s right for them.

So, send the link to your vacancy to and we will circulate it to the members for you – guaranteed fast turnaround. Click on the 36 second video above for a 'how-to' and refer to 'Post Your Vacancy on AIEA-Jobs' on your left.

Most advertisers give us a link to the vacancy on their website or on Seek, Indeed, etc. For other options, refer to 'Need Help with your Search?'

For a quick overview, read the LinkedIn article 'Cost Free Executive Recruitment'