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AIEA Membership Categories

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MAIEA (Member)

  • The Member (also known as a Full Member) can register as displaying expertise in one or more of the AIEA accredited positions (CEO, FC, BDM, etc.)
  • Is prepared to accept interim assignments
  • Can maintain the requisite annual 25 points of Continuing Professional Development

CAIEA (Certified Professional)

In addition to the MAIEA requirements above, the Certified Professional has had five years of continuous experience

  • as an interim manager OR
  • as a business owner with an annual turnover in excess of $2 million, OR
  • as a Non-Executive Director

Certified Professional rank is awarded after a successful application from a Member

FAIEA (Fellow)

In addition to the MAIEA requirements above, the criteria for Fellowship of AIEA is:

  • Fifteen years’ experience as an Interim Executive or in a CxO functional leadership role OR
  • Fifteen years in senior leadership positions as per the following:
    1. Can demonstrate leadership in strategic and budgetary responsibilities within demanding organizational contexts and
    2. Completion of an AIEA accredited or relevant postgraduate qualification or equivalent knowledge, skills and experience and/or
    3. Has a made a significant contribution to the business community, as judged by the Membership Committee. This can include, but is not limited to:
      1. Interim Executive related activities such as presenting, lecturing or tutoring at conferences & universities,
      2. Involvement with groups external to your workplace in which your Interim Executive expertise is utilised (e.g., business, social or sporting),
      3. Volunteering with AIEA,
      4. Writing and contributing to management publications.

Fellowship is awarded after a successful aplication from a Member.

AAIEA (Associate)

Associates can register as displaying expertise in one or more of the AIEA accredited positions (CEO, FC, BDM, etc.) and are prepared to accept an assignment (interim or permanent).

  • It is particularly attractive to those who see their ‘interim’ status as being temporary whilst they search for their next permanent position.
  • The AAIEA will receive all vacancy postings from AIEA-Jobs and from the Corporate Affiliate members.
  • An Associate Membership is for three months’ duration and is available to individuals who desire to be part of the Association for networking, personal development purposes and AIEA assistance with their job search.
  • Associates will receive the discounted member rates for all Events, Training Courses and material.
  • As Associates are not full Members, they will not receive a DISC profile, the free access to MAUS, invitations to present at AIEA events or be able to submit material for publication.
  • Associates may renew or upgrade to full membership at any time by application and payment of the fee to receive the additional MAIEA benefits.

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