Success: The Long-Game and the Short-Game for Business Owners and Executives.

It is about whilst the long-term vision changes it keeps us focused on the short-term. The short-term activity is what enables a business to survive and thrive. The Sigmoid Curve has shrunk in recent years so business longevity is a key issue today. The way we achieve things is by doing the three things we need to do every day.

Bryan is one of Australia’s most experienced and respected business mentors, coaches and facilitators. He is on a mission to help business owners achieve their objectives and create financial independence. Harnessing the energy of the business owner with his experience and wisdom creates the momentum to quickly bring new businesses from ‘startup’ to ‘grown up’.

What makes Bryan different is his true depth of experience. He started his professional life as a chartered accountant more than 40 yrs ago. Since then, he has started, owned and operated a number of businesses in diversified industries and professions.