Fast Innovation Growth Strategies for the Interim or New CEO

Celia Murray, Trademarks Attorney and Director of Licensing

In our competitive, brand-driven economy, smart companies are leveraging their intellectual property assets even more successfully and often than ever before. 

Harnessing the power of trademark, patent, design and copyright licensing, they are reducing costs and risks while innovating into new consumer products and services, and leasing of innovation to generate global income streams.

IP commercialisation and monetisation are the trending growth strategies that every company leader needs to understand to acquire new customers, new consumers, globalise and increase company value.

One of the simplest innovation strategies is licensing and could be implemented by an Interim or New CEO to drive new revenue streams.

So what is intellectual property licensing and why are Australian CEO’s slow to this global strategy?

Celia Murray

Celia is the owner of Untapped Agency, an intellectual property licensing agency and legal firm which enhances IP Owners to commercialise and monetise their assets.

Celia is an IP Licensing specialist with experience managing a number of iconic brands across marketing, retail, sales and licensing including Disney, Warner Bros, Ford, Sydney Opera House, The Perth Mint and IFLScience.

As a Brand Marketer and a Trademarks Attorney, Celia is engaged by company leaders to tap into her commercial marketing and sales experience with intellectual property law to execute licensed revenue programmes.  Celia also educates company leaders and Directors to include licensing innovation as a strategic growth initiative. 

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