Organisational Lifecycles.

This presentation follows Don’s “Secret to Success” presentation in April 2017 which was highly received and drills deeply into the different stages of the lifecycle, and what you as an interim executive can do to treat the companies you work with. You will learn the normal and abnormal problems and teach stages, and the treatment plans for each stage so that you can arrive at the optimum point of “Prime”.

Everything has a lifecycle. Stars have lifecycles of billions of years. Some fruit flies have a lifecycle of only a few hours. By understanding the organisational lifecycle, you can ensure your closer to a star than a fruit fly!

Don again shares and uses his experience of one company turning $750,000 into over $50mil in 7 years, whilst having to put another $45mil company into liquidation 2 years later, and what you can learn from these experiences in terms of the Organisational Lifecycle.