Going Digital?

What you need to know before you present as the 'face' of your business online.

Business is all about engagement. It is about communication. It is fundamentally about people talking to each other - irrespective of the content, the context, or the medium through which that human engagement occurs.

So if you are representing the 'face' of your business - either as the business owner, CEO, Executive, Manager, Employee or indeed job Applicant - before you launch headlong into creating videos to post online, to promote that business, product or service (or your own professional skills), you might need to pause for a moment and ask yourself a couple of questions. Because, how you come across on-camera and online will determine how your business comes across.  The quality of your online presentation speaks to your professional credibility, authenticity, and believability.

This presentation explores the potential opportunities and pitfalls of 'going digital', and outlines why you need some basic knowledge, skills and techniques, to maximise the value of digital communication - before you take that leap into that rich and exciting world.

Dr Christiaan Willems FHEA FAIEA demonstrates a uniquely diverse career, spanning: tertiary education; practice-led research; corporate communication; creative industries and electronic media.

A Fellow of the international Higher Education Academy (FHEA), Dr Willems’ presentation as a Higher Education Leader at the EduTECH 2016 Congress - the Asia-Pacific and Southern Hemisphere's largest education event” - on the theme of maintaining the ‘human’ aspects of online Learning & Teaching, speaks to his international academic standing and also his innovative, multi-disciplinary approach, which have consistently featured throughout his professional and academic career.

Dr Willems specialises in online, on-camera and non-verbal communication.  Creating, developing and delivering tailored professional development programs across the corporate and academic sectors.  He has developed, implemented, delivered and assessed university courses at several Australian universities and tertiary institutions, and the recipient of several Fellowships and Awards. 

His fully online Executive Development program in digital communication - The Stylised Version of Youâ http://www.styliseyou.thinkific.com/ - was launched in July 2017.

Having been nominated for an International Emmy Award, his international television work is held in the permanent collections of both the Museum of Television & Radio in New York, and also Australia’s National Film & Sound Archive (NFSA).  Dr Willems' affinity with Regional Australia is demonstrated through his service on the Boards of Artslink Queensland Arts Council (President to October 2015) and Regional Arts Australia (Vice-President to October 2015).

Dr Willems’ approach develops innovative solutions by identifying, reconciling, and integrating disparate fields of practice which productively intersect, interact, inform, and enhance each other.

Preview video on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IZ8Tf6C48rg