Special Melbourne Cup Day Presentation

WIKID POWER: Decision-Making for Superiority – the method Defence wanted to be classified beyond Top Secret

IAN COOMBE has a career of over 35 years of leadership roles …..these have included non-profit, public and private company CEO/MD/Director and Chairman roles in services, manufacturing, technology, children and health care. He has been an Interim CEO several times.

Regarding decision-making, Ian developed the Australian Army’s first Information Management Manual and the policies, procedures, protocols and plans for hardware, software, networks, security, data and more. Concurrently, he developed WIKID POWER. It was presented to the highest military leaders from around the world. After Ian’s military career he was repeatedly opening keynote speaker at Australia’s highest intelligence course and continues keynotes and workshops in Australia and abroad. In Defence and in his own business, he trained facilitators to guide decision-making – achieving great consensus driven decisions rapidly. Superior decision-making is the subject of Ian’s soon-to-be-published book. Ian will walk through the WIKID POWER process that authorities wanted to classify because of the enormous advantage it gave over adversaries. This process should also give you an edge in any interim role you take on.