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    • 5 Jun 2018
    • 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM
    • Institute of Managers and Leaders, Level 16, 40 Creek Street, Brisbane 4000
    • 34

     Douglas Bates, FAIEA, will discuss how online marketing is not the panacea for business growth. He will explain how businesses are now rethinking alignment between marketing and sales, adopting Sales Enablement as the future.

    Sales Enablement, for those in B2B and B2C selling, is the new sales term being used to define how professional sales personnel need to learn how to do their job.  Sales Enablement is a dynamic process of providing sales teams with the information, content and tools that support each individual sales person, within that team, sell more effectively.  Sales Enablement is the execution or orchestration of creating a better “Buyer” experience. 

    Historically, many sales organisations drive their professionals to produce revenue and forget there are human beings on the other end of the sale.  It is the “Buyer” who should be at the core of everything we do.

     Organisations are pouring millions into sales training and technology improvements each year, yet sales quota attainment has declined by 15.9% in the last five years. (CSO insights).  Reacting, to halt the decline in sales performance, managers are searching for improved training and processes, to re-train sales people how to sell, in the modern era.

    Sales Enablement initiatives provide the necessary defined and proven process and methodology to boost sales performance.  Companies who get it right, (many don’t) experience exceptional growth and profitability improvement!

     Sales people still need to talk to the right prospects, at the right time, about the right topics to enable buyers to make an informed and ultimately correct buying decision.  So why is it more difficult today than say only two years ago?  What has changed?  It is the way buyers now buy and engage with the seller.  Buyers in B2B purchases often struggle with an overwhelming amount of work and responsibility, often multiple decision makers are involved in the buying process, competition is fierce and online pre-qualification by almost 70% of all buyers is normal.

    Many sales people don’t sell, they simply continue to take orders and in many cases are forced to cut margin to win simply on price!

     To survive and prosper we need to reinvent ourselves, learn new skills, connect with buyers differently, the alternative…. Get left behind.

     Come and learn how the process of Selling is evolving fast and what you need to do to advise your clients to get ahead of their competition.

     Douglas Bates  

     Douglas Bates is a graduate of multiple academic courses and the University of life.  An entrepreneur, starting 8 of his own companies at various times across his career, having worked with a number of SME business owners, including other multinationals and large international corporations, including over 10 years of independent business consulting, every day provides new learning experiences. 

    A highly competent generalist, he embraces and uses multiple technology platforms to boost client and his own business performance.  Identifying a significant need to drastically improve professional sales performance in Australia, Douglas created Biz Dynamics, a niche Sales Enablement training enterprise.  

    He specialises in transforming sales teams, by teaching how to implement and use robust sales processes, teaching how to streamline consistent engagement and delivery methodology, using leading Sales Enablement technology to monitor and cement everything together.  

    He draws upon a team of specialist practitioners who support him deliver sales personnel reviews, sales training programs, holistic sales team transformation implementation projects and programs.

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