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Hire The Best

Good people are hard to find and often difficult to hold onto. But good people are effective.

They get the job done, often in half the time.

They need less supervision and often take initiative.

They don’t leave a mess behind them which wastes your own time fixing.

They are good to work with as they get on with the job.

They lift the productivity of those around them and make being in business worthwhile.

On the other hand, there are people you put up with. They scrape through, never doing the job really the way you would like, requiring a lot of hand holding and leaving a few problems in their wake. You wonder why you put up with them but you accept that they are better than no one.

In the end, you compromise your business because you end up with accepting mediocrity. In hindsight, the best people are worth having even if they only stay for a short while.

Dr Tom McKaskill

‘Make Millions from Your Business’