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How to Register or Upgrade


There are three levels of accounts available, the WebFriend account, the Associate Member account and the Full Member account.

WebFriend is a Free Account which allows you to access all Private Content, excluding Member-only Content and the AIEA Newsletter will be emailed to you. If you wish to purchase a ticket to an AIEA Event, this is a pre-requisite.

  1. Simply click on GET YOUR FREE ACOUNT in the top banner of the AIEA home page
  2. Fill in the signup form and an authorisation link will be emailed to you.
  3. Click on the link and you will be prompted to nominate your password.

To join AIEA as a Full or Associate Member, a free WebFriend account is required as the starting point.

  1. If you haven’t already done so, get your Free Account.
  2. Log-in using your Username (your email address) and your Password as created in Step 1.
  3. Go to and click the Join Now button on Full Member. An alternative is the Associate Member
  4. The Associate Member is a lower entry price but cannot apply for CAIEA or FAIEA status.
  5. Fill in your details on the Create Address Page
  6. Click on Create new Bio, if any mandatory information is missing, it will be highlighted in red.
  7. Select Full Member and Add to Cart.
  8. Continue through to checkout and pay by credit card

Upgrade Process and Pricing

  1. Only full members (MAIEA) can upgrade to CAIEA or FAIEA.

  2. The annual membership fee is the same for all full members (MAIEA, CAIEA and FAIEA)

  3. If the upgrade is at the time of registration or renewal, no additional costs are incurred.

  4. If the upgrade occurs mid-term, the CAIEA or FAIEA annual membership will comments on the date of upgrade and an adjusting invoice will be created for the new term, less a credit for the whole months remaining on the MAIEA membership.

  5. This is a manual process and the prevailing Administration Fee will be charged.