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Post Your Vacancy on AIEA-Jobs

AIEA would like to help you fill your senior vacancies by presenting them to our members in the weekly AIEA-Jobs posting

We are continually searching for suitable roles for the AIEA members that meet certain criteria:

  1. High-level executive and managerial roles – from Project Manager up to CEO and NED roles
  2. Interim and Permanent roles – 58% of AIEA members will take a permanent position
  3. High remuneration – six figures per annum
  4. The employer identity is not hidden – the members don’t like applying for a role at an unknown employer. (Yes, I know this precludes most recruiters from using the site.)

So, if you would like to tap into the rich, deep AIEA talent pool, all we need is a URL link to your job on your web site or on Seek, Indeed, etc.