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Guest Speakers - from Then to Now

Date Speaker Organisation Topic  
6/2/18 Everald Compton QUT Intergenerational Business Partnerships  
5/12/2017 Bryan Worn FAIEA

The Short Term Actions that Determine Long Term Results

7/11/2017 Ian Coombe FAIEA WIKID POWER  
3/10/2017 Dr. Chris Willems FAIEA The Digital Version of You  
5/09/2017 Don McKenzie FAIEA

Building Great Teams 

1/08/2017 Keith Bailey FAIEA

Business Turnarounds - An Interim Assignment

4/07/2017 Stephen Harris FAIEA

Coaching or Consulting -  What's the Difference?

6/06/2017 Don McKenzie FAIEA Managing Organisational Lifecycles  
2/05/2017 Celia Murray Untapped Agency

Fast Innovation Growth Strategies for the Interim or New CEO

4/04/2017 Dr. Diane Harner CleverMinds Consulting

Challenges that face Interim Executives and how Neuroscience can help

17/3/2017 Don McKenzie FAIEA

The Critical Ingredients for Success

16/02/2017 Anthony Jones Templetons  Financial Wellness and a New Innovative Approach to Advice  
17/11/2016 Nadia Taylor Livingstones Creating an Agile Culture  
20/10/2016 Tom Potter FAIEA  The Rise and Fall of Eagle Boys  
15/9/2016 John Mulvey FAIEA

Simple Solutions to Getting Your Message Across

15/09/2016 Dr Hercules  Kollias


Simple Solutions to Getting Your Message Across  
18/08/2016 Alan Slater FAIEA  Engagement 101 - How even the simplest actions can DRAMATICALLY improve business performance!  
21/07/2016 James Stephenson FAIEA  Japan - what is the take-home message these days?  
16/06/2016 Dr Adrian McCullagh ODMOB Lawyers Autonomous Laws: Robots in the Work Place Down Under  
19/05/2016 James Beck Effective Governance Making the CEO look good in the eyes of the Board  
21/04/2016 Stuart Ayling Pathfinder Advisers Why interim managers would make great sales professionals.  
17/3/2016 Mark Shaw NEOS HR

“The 2% Effect” as it applies to Performance Management

17/03/2016 Di Armbrust


“The 2% Effect” as it applies to Performance Management  
18/02/2016 John Mulvey FAIEA  Building Off-line Relationships  
19/11/2015 Sonia McDonald LeadershipHQ Leadership is an Attitude  
22/10/2015 Deborah Wilson Trevor-Roberts  Executive careers are increasingly complex, especially as the energy required to meet the daily demands of the job leave little time to focus on your own professional development.  
21/10/2015 Christine Litera Chrysallis Consulting To identify and unpack the intricacies of workplace relations  
24/09/2015 Tony Brown Supertrac  How to Value a Business: How Buyers Value Most $1M+ Businesses  
20/08/2015 Dr Rob Dew Enterprise Workshop Innovate for Growth  
23/07/2015 Kris Trott FAIEA  Exceptional Chairs enhance the Board performance  
18/06/2015 Gil Elliott FAIEA  New Venture Creation and the Interim Executive  
21/03/2015 Garth Borgelt FAIEA  A Leadership Story – from neuro science to practical experience.  Why smart people still make bad decisions  
23/04/2015 Peter Birtles Super Retail Group Change Management - Lessons from the Shop Floor  
19/03/2015 Mark Furness National Seniors National Seniors, discrimination, pensions, what to expect from our politicians and how to make sure this stage in your life is the best ever.  
19/02/2015 Anthony Jones Templetons  Investment Research with a particular focus on financial history and cycle analysis  
23/10/2014 Bruce Rasmussen Carpe Diem Disrupting prospects to create interim management opportunities that previously didn’t exist  
18/09/2015 Paul Niederer ASSOB How Crowdfunding can benefit every organisation  
20140821 Paul Kennedy FAIEA  Growing your Business  
24/07/2014 Hon. Keith DeLacy AM AICD If you do what you always did, you will get what you always got  
26/06/2014 Craig Duncan FAIEA  A Journey from Salary Executive to Contract Interim Executive - a case study of important learnings  
29/05/2014 Neil Scales OBE DG of Transport and Main Roads Management of Leadership and Thinking Outside the Box  
1/05/2014 Keith Bailey  FAIEA  Turnarounds and Business Restructuring  
10/04/2014 Sharon Doyle InterFinancial   MBOs, MBIs, M&As and the role executives play  
26/03/2014 Lloyd Russell TCB Solutions The hidden global trend – A true strategic opportunity for family businesses  
13/03/2014 Mick Fairweather AM RFD AMPLIFi The problems and opportunities facing SME Boards and the role that qualified interim executives play as Non-Executive Directors  
26/11/2013 Jim Colonas  SG Partners Taking your company from Good to Great  
7/11/2013 Ella Riggert Big Splash Communications Engaging the Media and what makes the News