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Patron's Column

Sam Leon, Entrepreneur and Patron of AIEA


Featured Members

These are the senior AIEA members who have provided their services to the Association and/or reached CAIEA or FAIEA ranking.

Here you will find all the members who have performed as a...


The place to have all things relating to AIEA the institute.

Internet Expertise

This is a SIG for members who wish to share learning and experience in utilising the power of the Internet.

Job Opportunities

The AIEA-Jobs board is a service offered to employers and recruiters for the sole purpose of introducing AIEA members to prospective employers. The advertisers are employers looking for the...


Accountants make up the largest single profession in AIEA with approximately 23% of the membership holding formal accounting qualifications. One in three interim appointments in Australia are...

Change Management

Change Management, Business Reengineering, Reorganisation, Rightsizing, Downsizing. These are all terms in current use and they all mean the same thing – that management of a company realises...

Corporate Financing

This interest group covers a wide field, including Venture Capital, IPO, Capital Raising & Investment.


In this context, we mean Mentoring & Training rather than primary and secondary education.

Human Resources & Recruitment

Far more than hiring staff, this group is all about promoting the understanding of workplace  legislation and practices that impact on productivity and performance.

Legal, Governance & Compliance

Small Business owners rate this as very high in the list of difficulties they face on a regular basis. As ‘red tape’ continues to flourish, this SIG becomes more important to the wellbeing of...

Sales & Marketing

Without Sales and Marketing there is no Commerce and Industry. Manufacturing is a wasted effort if the goods that are produced cannot be sold.

Transport & Logistics

Transport and Logistics, especially road transport, is the backbone of the economy, underpinning the booming resources, agribusiness, manufacturing, and retail and wholesale sectors....


Keep up to date with all upcoming events, as well as overviews and resources from past AIEA events.