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Why Your Company Would Benefit From IES Interim Executives


Speed – Experience – Objectivity – Accountability – Effectiveness – Commitment

 When your organisation is without key personnel, everyday that goes by is costing you in terms of lost revenue and lost opportunity. IES can deliver you an  overqualified interim executive within seven days.

Rather than spend time scouring the country to fill an executive role with the right experience, IES through it’s relationship with AIEA, has exclusive access to the individuals with the right experience for you.

IES Interim executives will be unencumbered by previous company processes or relationships and so will bring a fresh perspective, focused only on better outcomes for your business.

IES Interim Executives are accountable and responsible for the targets and outcomes delivered during the time they are with you.

Working at or near board level will empower IES Interim Executives to achieve results and effect significant change or transition within your company.

Our IES Interim Executives pride themselves on their commitment, they enjoy the challenge and understand their reputation is only as good as the results they deliver.