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MAUS Business Systems

AIEA is pleased to announce our partnership with MAUS Business Systems.

This partnership has meant that we are able to bring you greater value to your Membership than ever before. MAUS is providing all AIEA full members (MAIEA, CAIEA, FAIEA) with 6 months complimentary access to their revolutionary MAUS Virtual CFO system on the MAUS HUB.

With an RRP of $1,194 for 6 months access this is incredible value. It includes unlimited reports, and no credit card required!

Who is MAUS Business Systems

MAUS is a worldwide leading publisher of software. MAUS is recognised as the global de facto standard in strategic, business and operational planning having delivered software and support to more than 60,000 businesses and over 10,000 advisors in over a dozen countries.

MAUS software has been developed and refined as a result of thousands of client engagements and is designed to stimulate conversations. The automated process dramatically reduces stress and the ‘unknown’ when first engaging clients. It facilitates a structured effective approach ensuring you work smarter, not harder.

MAUS Virtual CFO

WOW your clients about how small changes can improve their business!

MAUS Virtual CFO is cloud software that makes it easy to analyse your clients’ financials, and pinpoint strategies to improve cash, increase profit and revenue.

This tool allows you to perform financial audit on your clients business in minutes rather than hours, providing you with a structured process to analyse your clients’ business and provide a detailed client report complete with strategies, gaps and actions. Best of all, this program is designed to be read and understood by anyone, even if you do not have a financial background.

As part of your access to the Virtual CFO, you will also receive access to complete webinar training produced by the MAUS team to ensure you are capable and comfortable using the system.

During the six month free subscription, you will be amazed at the revenue stream that MAUS will generate. At the conclusion of the six months, MAUS will offer you a very attractive upgrade.

Register for your Virtual CFO Now

All you need to do is click on the link below and enter in the coupon code (provided to all AIEA full members) to receive instant access to the MAUS Virtual CFO.

This will grant you access to the full featured consultant version – no credit card required! If you don't have the coupon code, email Mal Walker ( to request it.

We look forward to you utilising this incredible tool.